Korean Bank Upsets Unix-To-Mainframe Migration Trend

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In a country that’s known for producing and consuming advanced technology, Unix is about to lose some ground. BC Card – which is Korea’s biggest credit card company – has decided to switch from relying on Unix servers and embrace IBM mainframes, instead.

While one organization’s choice may not appear to matter much in the grand scheme of things, this is a significant move. Timothy Prickett Morgan reported earlier today, “Sources at IBM say that this is the first Unix-to-mainframe application migration in nearly a decade.”

BC Card didn’t exactly let a coin toss decide the matter, either. The IBM solution represented a much cheaper alternative, and Morgan also wrote, “IBM says that what won BC Card over, in addition to the lower Solution Edition pricing, was the fact that the mainframes have utility pricing that lets customers activate and deactivate mainframe engines on demand and with software pricing that scales up and down with capacity.”

So if everything works out well in this one instance, it’s possible that other organizations will follow BC Card’s lead. The recession has caused lots of companies to look for unorthodox ways to save money, after all.

Or – cross your fingers, Unix fans – this may just represent a sort of freak incident when everything is said and done.

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