IBM Promotes “Future Of Unix Servers”

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Products that represent “the future of Unix servers” are on their way, according to a new ad from IBM that appeared in the Wall Street Journal. And said products – which are, in fact, the next generation of Power Systems – may be worth a second or even third look.

As explained by the ad, Power7 systems will be “the first of a family of systems and storage designed to meet the demands of a smarter planet,” which is a good, environmentally friendly-sounding start.

Things have supposedly been optimized in all sorts of tangible respects, too, with the ad continuing, “From the chip and virtualization capabilities all the way through to the operating system, middleware and energy management, Power Systems from IBM are integrated to help support the complex workloads and dynamic computing models of a new kind of world.”

The Power7 systems should be formally introduced to the world sometime this month. Let’s hope they live up to the ad’s placement (the Wall Street Journal isn’t the sort of publication in which “As Seen On TV” crap is promoted) and also to the ad’s promises.

Since IBM controls a considerable share of the Unix server market, Unix experts should at least keep a close eye on the proceedings. Hat tip goes to Timothy Prickett Morgan.

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