IBM Announces Record-Setting UNIX Server

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You can almost imagine someone calling ladies and gentlemen, along with boys and girls of all ages, to gather ’round; IBM recently showed off a new supercomputer and what the company called “the world’s fastest UNIX server.”

“The new UNIX enterprise server, the Power 595, designed to extend IBM’s leadership in the UNIX market, will be attractive to existing IBM clients as well as Sun Solaris and HP UNIX users,” according to a formal statement. “For example, IBM’s Power enterprise 64-core server delivers twice the performance at a comparable price as a similarly configured HP Superdome Itanium system.”

Go ahead, ooh and aah. Then, instead of protectively clutching your wallet (since “a comparable price” still isn’t less than zero), consider what IBM’s done to make its products more affordable.

“A new aggressive IBM Power Rewards migration program allowing customers to earn rewards points by trading in selected HP or Sun UNIX systems. Customers trading in a PA-RISC based HP Superdome system, for example, can earn as much as $512,000 in migration services at no additional charge.”

So if you feel the need for speed (in addition to the needs for physical space and electricity), go ahead and at least take a look at the official Power 595 product pages.

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