Gartner Puts Unix Server Sales Down

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Given that the last UnixProNews report covered similar findings from IDC, this may not come as a surprise, but there’s more not-good news regarding the market for Unix-related hardware. Gartner determined that Unix server sales dropped by a significant amount in the fourth quarter.

Agam Shah recently gave an account of Gartner’s findings by writing, “Worldwide server shipments totaled 2.2 million during last year’s fourth quarter, growing 4.5 percent compared to the fourth quarter of 2008.” Which is a nice enough start.

Unfortunately, Shah later continued, “RISC and Itanium server sales declined by 20 percent to about $3 billion.” And that’s a pretty big drop to occur in the space of one year. Or even two or three.

The state of the economy during the fourth quarter might provide a bit of an excuse. Or maybe Unix server fans were just so generous around the holidays that many of them had to put off hardware purchases for a while.

Regardless, let’s hope things bounce back before long. Here’s a sort of small silver lining corresponding to the bad news: Gartner’s data at least makes a quick recovery look possible by showing that plenty of servers are still shipping.

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