BitDefender Rolls Out Antivirus Scanner For UNIX

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In many organizations UNIX-based workstations are becoming popular as a cost effective computing resource.

As UNIX-based endpoints become easier to use for employees, with the addition of GUI’s and Window’s compatible applications, their adoption within small to medium businesses network is almost certain, according to BitDefender.

The security firm warns, when unprotected they will provide “just as easy as Windows” access for malware to spread within the company’s network via shared files, cross-platform viruses, worms or email attachments.

Organizations can effectively protect their UNIX-based endpoints from malware attacks by using BitDefender’s ability to detect and prevent known and zero-day threats, support overall organization’s security policies and manage them effectively with fewer IT resources.

BitDefender Antivirus Scanner for Unices is an on-demand scanner for Linux and FreeBSD systems. The stand-alone scanner protects both UNIX-based and Windows-based disk partitions by scanning for viruses and spyware. The graphical user interface features a command line interface that supports operating system’s scripting tools. The scanners works stand-alone without needing any centralized management or local update servers.

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